A Swiss Army Knife for the Design Business

Why So Many Tools When One Will Do?

As a designer, I am used to looking for solutions to problems. One of the solutions that has eluded me has been a tool that masters the problem of managing my own business efficiently and effectively, using the very technologies that have helped to me to help my clients to effectively communicate with their own colleagues and customers.

To be sure, solutions exist in a vast array. However, my standards are high and my budget is low. And very few solutions offer everything I might want or need. The trend is to focus on a particular functionality or a specific niche market. I am a generalist, so my requirements are broad.

This site is about my search for the Holy Grail: the all-in-one Design Business Administration tool. Is it even possible to find such a thing? If anyone has any leads, please let me know. Until then, this is what I want and this is what I am building, with a web publishing system called Symphony.

24 June 2007 by Stephen Bau