Exploring The World of Ideas

From subjective imagination to objective axioms

This site is the personal blog of Stephen Bau. Here is where I explore ideas by discovering how I can put into practice what I am learning. I’ve always seen life as a learning process. Some say this is only the beginning.

What I am learning in the here and now revolves mostly around issues of design, technology, and web standards. Specifically, XHTML, CSS, XML and XSLT, and the beautifully designed application with which I have built this site. I have several web carcasses lying in wait for Symphony 2 to be released as a final version. In the meantime, this site will serve as a proving ground for building a site in Symphony and exploring its many core features while the community awaits the rewriting of the old Campfire Services as Symphony 2 Extensions.

You will tend to find me turning all the Overture Forum discussions to white as I try to understand the depths of the content management system orchestrated by the Twentyone Degrees development team.